Why We’re Better

Since 1929 Trotter has been trusted by more than 40,000 homeowners for drainage, basement and crawlspace waterproofing, and foundation repair. So what makes Trotter Company the best choice for your needs?

Experience – Only Trotter Company has 85 years of experience making foundation repairs in Georgia’s unique red clay. All of our jobs are designed and supervised by our NAWSRC certified staff, almost all of whom have been with Trotter Company for more than 15 years.

Innovation – Only Trotter uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the driest system for your home. Our 2014 patented Dry-Tec system sets the new standard for basement waterproofing, and our foundation piering system is like no other.

Quality – We make it a priority to use American-made products, since other countries often don’t have the strict production standards enforced in the U.S. Our products are made in the USA, so you can trust what we install in your home. When you hear, “We’re just like Trotter, only cheaper,” you’ll know better.

People – All of our NAWSRC certified employees have been with us for 15-25 years, and all of our field supervisors are NAWSRC certified! From the first phone call until we say goodbye, you will be impressed with the most experienced people in the business.

Gravity drains, storm water management, channel drains, swales, flumes, downspouts, etc.
The Cure for Wet Basements
Basement Waterproofing
Our patented system provides the driest basements available. Find out more! Find out more!
Crawlspace Waterproofing
Pipe, gravel, liner and insulation are the heart and soul of a dry crawlspace. Learn why! Find out more!
Solutions for home settlement, slab settlement, and driveway settlement.