Structural Repair

Structural Repair Services

Solutions for home settlement, slab settlement, and driveway settlement.

Trotter Company is a full service foundation repair/stabilization contractor. No matter why your structure is settling, Trotter Company can stabilize it! With 80 years working in our red clay, Trotter Company is the most experienced foundation repair contractor in Georgia. We are the only contactor to offer a Composite Helical Pier as our standard pier. This pier offers the stability of a foundation provided by the helix and the rigidity of the large diameter pipe pier. The overall strength of our pier is reinforced with a concrete core. All major repair contractors are following Trotter Company’s lead and are promoting helical pipe piers.

Most settlement problems are a result of structures being built on poorly compacted fill dirt which has been infiltrated by storm water. Existing soil conditions, as well as poor construction, can cause settlement problems.

Backfill Settlement behind foundation walls can cause walls to bow or even collapse. Foundation walls that have been neglected and allowed to bow excessively will require Steel Beam Reinforcements. Some foundation walls may have to be completely demolished and a new reinforced foundation wall built to replace the failed wall. Landscape retaining walls that are leaning up to five inches may be stabilized with Helical Tie-backs. We also demolish and replace landscape walls that are past saving with reinforced, anchored walls.