Finding the best basement waterproofing companies in Atlanta

You don’t have time to waste–you need to find one of the best basement waterproofing companies in Atlanta. Look no further. At Trotter Company we:

  • have been in business since 1929
  • get 75% of our current business from client referrals
  • create and patent our processes
  • custom design each solution
  • conduct ourselves with the utmost courtesy and respect regarding your property
  • have fully-trained staff that go through rigorous training
  • develop solutions that work – guaranteed!
  • And, we have representatives standing by to take your call at (770) 458-0810.

What some basement waterproofing companies won’t tell you

The truth is, most basement waterproofing companies aren’t dedicated to improving the technology of the industry. They’re happy to use widely available systems in spite of the inherent faults in their design and use. In fact, we’ve had customers report that the humidity levels in their basements rose after some of our competitors did their work.

Filling the gap where other basement waterproofing companies fall short

In over eight decades of business in Atlanta, we’ve worked continually to improve our waterproofing services to the community. That means taking more time than other basement water proofing companies to develop, create, and patent systems and procedures that result in a better, more dependable final product for our customers.

If you’d like to get better service than average basement waterproofing companies can offer, call us at (770) 458-0810, or fax us at (770) 458-0968.

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